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A Counter on the Testnet

This tutorial installs a simple counter contract on the Casper Testnet. The contract is straightforward and simply maintains a counter variable. If you want to learn to send deploys to a local Casper Network, you can follow a similar tutorial and work with NCTL. Once you are familiar with this process, the next step would be to write more practical smart contracts.

Here is how the tutorial is structured:


  1. You have completed the Getting Started tutorial to set up your development environment, including tools like cmake (version 3.1.4+), cargo, and Rust.
  2. You have installed the Casper client to send deploys to the chain.
  3. You were able to set up and fund an account on the Casper Testnet. Make note of two critical pieces of information that you will need to complete this tutorial:
    • The location of your account’s secret_key.pem file
    • Your account hash identifier
  4. You selected a node whose RPC port will be receiving the deploys coming from your account.

Video Tutorial

If you prefer a video walkthrough of this guide, you can check out this video.