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Developers Overview

This section supports developers getting started with the Casper blockchain by writing dApps or smart contracts in Rust. Developers can install a local development environment with a runtime and a test framework. They can also create and test contracts with the libraries provided or use these libraries to build decentralized applications. Prior knowledge of Unix-based operating systems, like GNU/Linux, and programming knowledge with Rust, AssemblyScript, JavaScript, or Python are highly recommended.

Development PrerequisitesSetup needed for various workflows
Essential Casper CratesAvailable Casper crates and the corresponding documentation
Writing On-Chain CodeWriting contracts in Rust and Wasm for a Casper network
Casper JSON-RPC APIEndpoints for developers wishing to interact directly with a Casper node's JSON-RPC API
Building dAppsUseful information for dApp developers
Interacting with the Blockchain Using CLIUsing a Rust command-line client to install and call contracts; transfer, delegate, and undelegate tokens.

The Ecosystem Open-Source Software may provide other helpful examples.

The motivation for the Casper Network roadmap is inspired by community feedback and recommendations. We look forward to building a decentralized future together.