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Overview of Casper dApps

The following topics are essential for developers building decentralized applications on a Casper network.

Introducing dAppsIntroducing dApps on a Casper network
Prerequisites for Building dAppsRecommended setup for building dApps on Casper
SDK Client LibrariesClient-side libraries providing ways to interact with a Casper network
dApp Technology StackBuilding the front-end, backend, and on-chain logic of a dApp
Front-end Template with ReactUse the Casper JS SDK with React to build a dApp fron-tend
Signing DeploysDetails about the signatures required for deploys
Setting up a Local Network with NCTLLearn to set up a local test network
Testing Smart Contracts with NCTLTest deploys locally before sending them to a Casper network
Monitoring and Consuming EventsHow dApps can listen for emitted events and perform actions based on event data