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The C# .NET SDK allows developers to interact with a Casper network using C#.


Visit to find the SDK documentation, examples, and tutorials.

Get started

This example shows how to retrieve an account's main purse balance from a testnet node. Make sure you have .NET 5 or higher before continuing.

Open a terminal window and create a new console app:

dotnet new console -o GetAccountBalance
cd GetAccountBalance

The Casper.Network.SDK for .NET is published on as a NuGet package.

To add a reference to the SDK in your project, use the Package Manager in Visual Studio or the dotnet CLI tool.

Package Manager (Windows)

Install-Package Casper.Network.SDK

dotnet CLI Tool (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

dotnet add package Casper.Network.SDK

Now, replace the default code in Program.cs with this main program:

using System;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Casper.Network.SDK;
using Casper.Network.SDK.JsonRpc;
using Casper.Network.SDK.Types;

namespace Casper.NET.SDK.Examples
public class GetAccountBalance
public static async Task Main(string[] args)
string nodeAddress = "";

var hex = "0203914289b334f57366541099a52156b149436fdb0422b3c48fe4115d0578abf690";
var publicKey = PublicKey.FromHexString(hex);

var casperSdk = new NetCasperClient(nodeAddress);

// Get the balance using the account public key
var rpcResponse = await casperSdk.GetAccountBalance(publicKey);
Console.WriteLine("Public Key Balance: " + rpcResponse.Parse().BalanceValue);
catch (RpcClientException e)
Console.WriteLine("ERROR:\n" + e.RpcError.Message);
catch (Exception e)

Finally, run the example with:

dotnet run

The program will print the account's main purse balance retrieved from the testnet.

Visit to find other examples, tutorials, and complete documentation for this SDK.