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Interacting with the Casper JSON-RPC API

Casper uses a custom JSON-RPC implementation known as casper-json-rpc that is compliant with the JSON-RPC 2.0 specification. If you are on this page, you are an advanced user wishing to interact directly with a Casper node's JSON-RPC API. You may use Postman or write code to interact with the Casper JSON-RPC API, which is fully compatible with the JSON-RPC 2.0 Specification.

Casper nodes provide the RPC schema on port 8888, followed by rpc-schema:


To see an example, navigate to a node's RPC schema using a browser.

The Casper client subcommand list-rpcs provides all currently supported RPCs. Here is an example of running the Casper client to list RPCs:

casper-client list-rpcs --node-address <HOST:PORT>

Table of Contents‚Äč

Guidance for JSON-RPC SDK ComplianceRequirements for a compliant Casper SDK
Required JSON-RPC Methods for Minimal ComplianceMethods required for a minimally compliant Casper SDK
Transactional JSON-RPC MethodMethods allowing interaction with a Casper network
Informational JSON-RPC MethodsMethods returning information about the network from a Casper node
Proof-of-Stake JSON-RPC MethodsMethods pertaining to Proof-of-Stake functionality on a Casper network
TypesInformation on types used within JSON-RPC methods
CL TypesInformation related to CL Types