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Required Methods for Minimal Compliance

The methods included in this document represent the most basic, fundamental endpoints for a viable and compliant Casper SDK. They allow the user to retrieve the information necessary to interact with a Casper network, as well as the means to interact.

  • chain_get_block - This method returns the JSON representation of a Block from the network. The ongoing validity of the chain depends on block verification, which includes both a record of deploys and transfers.

  • info_get_deploy - This method allows retrieval of a Deploy from a Casper network. Without this method, users will be unable to verify any subsequent information relating to a sent Deploy.

  • account_put_deploy - This method allows users to send their compiled Wasm (as part of a Deploy) to a node on a Casper network. Deploys represent the only means by which a user can perform computation on the platform, without which their interaction with a Casper network will be entirely passive.

  • chain_get_state_root_hash - The state root hash is one of the several global state identifiers used to query the network state after sending deploys.

  • state_get_account_info - This method returns a JSON representation of an Account from the network. state_get_account_info is required to view associated account information, including any associated keys, named keys, action thresholds and the main purse.

  • query_balance - This method returns a purse's balance from a network. This is the only method to return a purse's balance in a human-readable format.

  • state_get_dictionary_item - This method returns an item from a Dictionary. Dictionaries represent a more efficient means of tracking large amounts of state.

  • query_global_state - This method allows for querying values stored under certain keys in global state. Aside from purse balances, this is the main means of recovering stored data from a Casper network.


The deprecated method state_get_balance should not be used.

In addition to these methods, a minimally compliant Casper SDK must account for the types associated with each method. Each method above links to the expanded information available within the larger JSON RPC method pages, which includes the necessary associated types.