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FAQ - Validators

Node Operations

How do I check my node status?

Once your node is running, you can run curl -s localhost:8888/status | jq .last_added_block_info to query your local server's synchronization status. The output will look similar to:

curl -s http://localhost:8888/status | jq .last_added_block_info
"hash": "73f398f89dfe2b980634281c0d6be8379b27aedbf4029f699219fafa1e09526c",
"timestamp": "2021-07-09T04:56:42.240Z",
"era_id": 1090,
"height": 106926,
"state_root_hash": "5e7bd420cb5d3290cf50036ada510c9c1adcf63198381c398403086f739394c8",
"creator": "011752f095ee6d2902540ea4fafd649da4b7b0c2a6e38176fb7f661a0e463d43b4"

What ports are required for casper-node?

Casper-node requires the following ports:

  • 35000 - Required for external visibility
  • 7777 - RPC endpoint for interaction with casper-client
  • 8888 - REST endpoint for status and metrics (This port allows your node to be part of the network status)
  • 9999 - SSE endpoint for event stream
What '--node-address' do I use for making requests?

If you are running a node, you can use localhost:7777 for RPC requests like deploys. For node-health queries, use localhost-8888.

How can I move my node to another machine?

Method One

  1. Stop the node.
  2. Copy all data.
  3. Change the mountpoint.
  4. Start the node.

Method Two

  1. Create another node in parallel.
  2. Once it is up to date, stop the nodes.
  3. Swap the associated keys.
  4. Restart the new node.

Note: Use the following command to copy your node's data:

rsync -av --inplace --sparse /var/lib/casper/ /new_mount

Casper Compatibility

Does Casper run on ARM?

Casper-node does not work with ARM type servers. You can see our hardware specifications here.

What operating systems are supported for casper-node?

Casper is currently tested and packaged for Ubuntu 20.04.

Do I have to run a node 24/7?

Validators must be online 24/7. Otherwise, they face ejection and loss of rewards as a result of liveness failure. Failure to participate in consensus for one era results in ejection.

If you cannot run a node 24/7, you can delegate your tokens to a healthy validator node with good uptime.