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Ecosystem Open-Source Software

This page lists open-source software available within the Casper ecosystem. Developers and the community may use the listed software as a basis for new projects and solutions.

NameDescriptionAuthorLanguageLicenseLast Update DateType
Basic Yield FarmStaking RewardsRengo LabsRustApache-2.0 license2022-06-24Staking
Blockcerts on CasperIssues Blockcerts using the Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Casper blockchainamazanzanPythonMIT license2022-07-22Tokens
BlockMatcher Frontend BackendPrivate Trade (OTC) Platform for Compliant Brokers. This system allows the creation of OTC token deals, matching buyers and sellers together. The admin, or broker, can then clear them in batches.LedgerLeapJavaScript-PHPMIT license2022-01-15Exchange
Camel CasperApache Camel connector for the Casper BlockchainM.AbahmaneJavaMIT license2022-03-26Tools
Casper .NET SDKCasper .NET Client SDK to interact with Casper network nodes via RPC.MAKE Software.NETApache-2.0 license2022-04-19Client SDK
Casper Analytics AppCasper Analytics App. Built with Ionic. Easily exportable as iOS and Andriod Appcaspercommunity.ioPHPMIT license2022-01-20Tools
Casper C++ SDKC++ library to interact with Casper network nodes via RPCYusuf KetenC++Apache-2.0 license2022-09-13Client SDK
Casper CalculatorCasper Earnings Calculator and Node MonitorCharles NguyenJavaScriptMIT license2021-09-26Tools
Casper Contract UpgradeExample contract to demonstrate the general way of upgrading a contract and the necessary stepsCasper LabsRustApache-2.0 license2022-06-21Example Contracts
Casper Dart SDKCasper Dart SDK is for interacting with the Casper Blockchain using RPC.TemiltasDartApache-2.0 license2022-06-26Client SDK
Friendly Market's Casper variant of ERC20Implementation of the ERC20 standard for Casper networksFriendly MarketRustApache-2.0 license2022-08-10Tokens
Casper Go SDKCasper Go SDKMAKE SoftwareGoApache-2.0 license2023-06-01Client SDK
Casper Hello World ContractThis example demonstrates the session code that accepts a message string and stores it in the calling account under the special_value NamedKeyCasper LabsRustNA2022-07-13Example contracts
Casper JavaScript SDKCasper Client JavaScript SDKCasper LabsTypeScript-JavaScriptApache-2.0 license2022-09-13Client SDK
Casper Kotlin SDKCasper Kotlin Client SDK to interact with a Casper network.tqhuy2018KotlinMIT license2022-07-21Client SDK
Casper MetricsCasper Metrics - fast blockchain crawler, API, and analysis toolA3MCTypeScriptMIT license2022-09-09Tools
Casper NCTL DockerA Docker container that runs Casper NCTL as a serviceMAKE SoftwareShellApache-2.0 license2022-03-17Tools
Casper Node-REDNodes to communicate with the Casper's Blockchain using node-redcaspercommunity.ioJavaScriptMIT license2022-02-08Tools
Casper Objective-C SDKCasper Objective-C SDK is for interacting with the Casper Blockchain using RPC.hienbui9999Objective-CMIT license2022-06-18Client SDK
Casper PHP SDKPHP SDK to interact with Casper network nodes via RPC. The PHP SDK allows developers to interact with a Casper network using PHPMAKE SoftwarePHPApache-2.0 license2022-06-29Client SDK
Casper Ruby Client SDKRuby SDK to interact with Casper network nodes via RPC.Sait GulmezRubyApache-2.0 license2022-03-08Client SDK
Casper Scala SDKCasper Scala client SDK to interact with the Casper Network nodes via RPCM.AbahmaneScalaMIT license2022-03-23Client SDK
Casper WalletA browser wallet for the Casper NetworkMAKE SoftwareTypeScript-JavaScriptApache-2.0 license2023-04-12Wallet
Casper SSI Web AppCasper SSI Framework in the form of a demo web application.Credentia NetworkTypeScriptMIT license2022-06-29Tools
Casper StorageCasper storage - HD walletsCasperDashTypeScriptApache-2.0 license2022-09-14Wallet
Casper Swift SDKCasper Client SDK. Casper SDK methods implementation in Swift.hienbui9999SwiftMIT license2022-06-08Client SDK
Casper Two-Party MultiSig ContractThis example demonstrates how to configure an account on a Casper network to require two-party multi-signature deploys.Casper LabsRustNA2022-04-26Example contracts
Casper WorldCasper network status and decentralization map web applicationNodes GuruTypeScriptMIT license2022-01-26Blockchain Explorer
CasperDash WalletA non-custodial wallet for the Casper blockchainCasperDashJavaScriptMIT license2022-09-14Wallet
CasperFYRE APIDispensory API interface for Casper MainnetLedgerLeapJavaScript-PHPApache-2.0 license2022-09-06Tools
CasperHoldersFirst 3rd party UI to interact with Casper BlockchainCasperHoldersJavaScriptApache-2.0 license2022-08-23Blockchain Explorer
CasperSignThe First Casper-Native Dapp. CasperSign Allows Users to Sign Contracts Confidentially & Securely on the Casper BlockchainChronoLogic and Digital StrategiesTypeScriptNA2022-08-31dApp
CEP-78 Enhanced NFT StandardStandard Contract Generator for NFTsCasper LabsRustApache-2.0 license2022-08-23NFT
CES Rust Event EmitterRust library for smart contracts that emits contract-level events that follow the Casper Event Standard (CES)MAKE SoftwareRustApache-2.0 license2023-05-11dApp library
CES JS ParserJS library for dApp developers that parses contract-level events that follow the Casper Event Standard (CES) from deploy execution resultsMAKE SoftwareJavaScriptApache-2.0 license2023-03-27dApp library
CES Go ParserGo library for dApp developers that parses contract-level events that follow the Casper Event Standard (CES) from deploy execution resultsMAKE SoftwareGoApache-2.0 license2023-06-02dApp library
Clearest StakeStaking Asset Manager for Node operators and groupsLedgerLeapPHPApache-2.0 license2022-04-02DeFi
DAO ContractsSmart Contracts for the MVPR On-Chain Governance System on CasperMAKE SoftwareRustApache-2.0 license2022-07-17DAO
DHF PAYThe crypto currency payment gateway on the CSPR blockchainDHFinanceTypeScriptApache-2.0 license2022-08-28Payments
DLN DAODLN DAOAlphaFinTypeScriptMIT license2022-09-10DAO
DotOracleRealtime decentralized Oracle and Cross-chain liquidity network for EVM, non-EVM Casper, and L2 blockchains.DotOracle NetworkTypeScriptNA2022-09-26Bridge
Dragon’s Lair Style StakingLair Style StakingRengo LabsRustApache-2.0 license2022-06-24Staking
Subscription BillingERC-1337 subscription billingRengo LabsRustMIT license2022-04-07Tokens
Casper Fungible TokenImplementation of Fungible Tokens for Casper networksCasper LabsRustApache-2.0 license2022-09-01Tokens
Advanced Fungible TokenERC-777 + 1820 Advanced Fungible Token with Callbacks & Self IdentificationRengo LabsRustApache-2.0 license2022-08-16Tokens
Helper BotHelper bot for improving DevDao VAs productivityA3MCTypeScriptMIT license2022-08-19Tools
Java SDKCasper Client Java SDKSyntiFiJavaApache-2.0 license2021-04-20Client SDK
KYC Proxy ContactThis is a proxy contract to check if an account is KYC approved through registered providers (KYC Contracts)Casper LabsRustNA2022-07-01Example contracts
LiquidNFTNFT Collateralized LoansRengo LabsJavaScriptGNU General Public License v3.02022-09-15NFT
Payment Example ContractThis example demonstrates the usage of purses to transfer motes inside a contractCasper LabsRustNA2022-06-22Example contracts
ServicesDAOThe ServicesDAO portal provides a platform for the service DAOs which provide services in a decentralized manner through a modular implementation of MVPR.Ekon YazilimHTML-CSS-C#MIT license2022-09-13DAO
Uniswap DemoAppUniswap UI + ContractsRengo LabsJavaScriptGPL-3.0 license2022-09-15DeFi
Verified Impact NFTAn NFT platform dedicated to impact causes with verification of the beneficiariesAlphaFinJavaScript-RustMIT license2022-07-08NFT
UseWalletuseWallet is a collection of React Hooks containing everything you need to start working with a Casper networkCasperDashTypescript-ReactMIT license2023-09-19dApp library
Testnet FaucetA faucet is a Casper tool that distributes Testnet tokens to anyone requesting them for freeCasperDashTypescript-ReactMIT license2023-09-19Tools