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Casper Token Standards

CEP-18 Casper Fungible Token Standard

A Casper Fungible Token TutorialA full tutorial for use of the CEP-18 Casper Fungible Token Standard.
Installing and Interacting with a CEP-18 ContractA quickstart guide for installing a CEP-18 contract with the Rust Casper Client.
Exploring the CEP-18 ContractsA guide to interacting with installed CEP-18 contracts.
CEP-18 Token Transfers and AllowancesA guide for transferring Casper Fungible Tokens.
Testing Framework for CEP-18A CEP-18 testing framework using the Casper engine test support crate.

CEP-78 Enhanced NFT Standard

CEP-78 Enhanced NFT Standard IntroductionAn introduction to the CEP-78 Enhanced NFT Standard.
CEP-78 ModalitiesInformation on the features available when installing a CEP-78 contract instance.
Installing and Interacting with a CEP-78 ContractAn introduction to features present in the CEP-78 Enhanced NFT Standard.
Owner Reverse Lookup FunctionalityInformation on the Onwer Reverse Lookup feature of CEP-78 contracts.
A CEP-78 JavaScript Client TutorialA tutorial for using the JavaScript CEP-78 client.