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Casper NFT Quick Installation Guide

This quick installation guide introduces you to the Casper client commands and Wasm files necessary to deploy a CEP-78 Casper Enhanced NFT contract to the Casper Testnet. For greater detail into the creation and mechanics of the Casper NFT contract, see the complete Casper NFT Tutorial.

To execute transactions on a Casper network involving NFTs, you will need some CSPR tokens to pay for the transactions. The Testnet provides test tokens using a faucet.


Before using this guide, ensure you meet the following requirements:


Clone the Casper NFT (CEP-78) contract repository.

git clone && cd cep-78-enhanced-nft

Run the following commands to build the contract.wasm in the contract/target/wasm32-unknown-unknown/release directory and run the tests.

make prepare
make test

The output of the command would end with the following message:

test result: ok. 159 passed; 0 failed; 0 ignored; 0 measured; 0 filtered out; finished in 15.33s

Installing the NFT Contract

The following command will install a sample NFT contract on the Testnet:

casper-client put-deploy --node-address http://localhost:11101/rpc/ \
--chain-name "casper-net-1" \
--payment-amount 5000000000 \
--secret-key ~/casper/casper-node/utils/nctl/assets/net-1/nodes/node-1/keys/secret_key.pem \
--session-path contract/target/wasm32-unknown-unknown/release/contract.wasm \
--session-arg "collection_name:string='CEP-78-collection'" \
--session-arg "collection_symbol:string='CEP78'" \
--session-arg "total_token_supply:u64='100'" \
--session-arg "ownership_mode:u8='2'" \
--session-arg "nft_kind:u8='1'" \
--session-arg "nft_metadata_kind:u8='0'" \
--session-arg "json_schema:string='nft-schema'" \
--session-arg "identifier_mode:u8='0'" \
--session-arg "metadata_mutability:u8='0'"

Next Steps

Learn to query the contract, perform token transfers, set up approvals, and understand the testing framework.