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The following tutorials present several Casper features in depth:

Getting Started VideoStep-by-step video tutorial for setting up the Casper development environment
NFTs on Casper with the CEP-78 NFT StandardImplementing the Casper CEP-78 NFT standard
A Counter on an NCTL NetworkAn example contract that maintains a counter variable on a local Casper Network with NCTL
A Counter on the TestnetAn example contract that maintains a counter variable on the Casper Testnet
Fungible Tokens on CasperImplement the Casper Fungible Token standard
Interacting with Runtime Return ValuesLearning how to return a value using contract code
Safely Transfer Tokens to a ContractHow to handle tokens via a contract
Smart Contract UpgradesLearn how to upgrade smart contracts
Launching a Casper Node with AWS MarketplaceLearn how to launch a Casper Node through the AWS Marketplace