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Block Explorers

The Casper blockchain is available as the Mainnet and Testnet. The Mainnet is the Casper blockchain that utilizes Casper tokens (CSPR). The Testnet is an alternate Casper blockchain used to test applications without spending CSPR tokens on the Casper Mainnet.

You can use block explorers to explore the Casper blockchain such as :

What is a Block Explorer

A block explorer is a search engine for the blockchain. It allows you to find information such as the transactions executed on the blockchain, the transaction statistics, the validators on the network, and similar blockchain activity. A block explorer gives you information on your account and all the transactions carried out using the account. You can use it to find a specific transaction or view the blockchain's transaction history.

Using a Block Explorer

You can use a block explorer to view the blockchain statistics, list of validators, list of blocks executed on the blockchain, list of deploys, and the nodes operating on the blockchain. You can also transfer CSPR tokens, delegate tokens to a validator to earn rewards or undelegate tokens from a validator.

The following topics link you to detailed instructions on using the block explorer to access and work with your CSPR tokens.


To perform actions using the block explorer, you must sign in to your Casper account using one of the wallets provided.