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Funding Testnet Accounts

The Casper Testnet is an alternate Casper blockchain that enables testing applications without spending CSPR on the Mainnet. The Testnet is deployed independently from the Mainnet for users to experiment with network features such as transferring, delegating, and undelegating tokens. One way to access the Casper Testnet is to use the block explorer.

Testnet tokens are independent of the Casper token (CSPR). While test tokens do not have any monetary value, they possess the same functionality as the CSPR token within the confines of the Testnet. Users can fund Testnet accounts as outlined below.

Requesting Testnet Tokens‚Äč

To request test tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Casper Testnet with the Casper Wallet. See the Getting Started user guide for detailed instructions.

  2. Click Tools on the top menu bar and select Faucet from the drop-down menu. Or, navigate to the Faucet using this link:

  3. Click Request tokens on the Faucet page:


Tokens can be requested only once per account. Otherwise, the deploy will fail with status User error: 1.

If you have already exhausted your test funds, you can always create a new account.

  1. The Testnet will credit your account with test tokens.