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Undelegating Tokens

If you want to undelegate tokens from a validator, you can do so at any time. Note that undelegation costs approximately 0.5 CSPR.


This guide assumes that you have previously delegated tokens to a validator using a block explorer or the Casper client.

Accessing the Undelegation Feature

You can access the undelegation functionality in three ways.

Option 1: Click Wallet from the top navigation menu and then click Undelegate Stake.

Undelegate from Wallet

Option 2: Click Validators from the top navigation menu. Using the validators table, find the validator you wish to undelegate from, and click the Undelegate Stake button.

Undelegate from Validator

Option 3: Open your account details and select the Delegations tab. Click the Undelegate button next to the validator from whom you wish to undelegate.

Undelegate from Account View

Stepping through the Undelegation Process

The following instructions will take you through the undelegation process, starting with the "Undelegation details" screen.

Step 1 - Undelegation details

  1. Specify the validator from whom you want to undelegate your tokens if you have reached this screen using the Wallet drop-down menu. The search box will automatically show you the validators with whom you have staked. Otherwise, verify the pre-populated key in the Validator field.
  2. Enter the amount of Casper tokens you want to undelegate.
  3. Click Next.
Undelegation details

Step 2 - Confirm the undelegation

  1. Review the undelegation details.
  2. If everything looks correct, click Confirm and undelegate stake. If you wish to make changes, return to the previous screen.
Confirm undelegation

Step 3 - Sign the undelegation

  1. Click Sign with Casper Wallet to sign the undelegation.
Sign the undelegation
  1. Once the Casper Wallet opens, check the deploy hash. Ensure the deploy hash in the "Signature Request" window matches the deploy hash in the "Sign undelegation" window before continuing.
Confirm deploy hash
  1. Click Sign in the Signature Request window to finalize the undelegation. The stake undelegation initiates as soon as the corresponding deploy is signed. Here is the expected output:
Undelegation confirmed

It may take 1-2 minutes for the undelegation details to become available. Click "Deploy Details" for more information.

Note that your undelegated tokens will appear in your account automatically after a 7-era delay of approximately 14 hours.